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Security Asset Manager™ (SAM) Electronic Cabinets

Control and monitor valuable assets using high security, electronically controlled cabinets. Assets are assigned to one or more users based on predetermined rules. PIN user access comes standard and many other access options are available.


Key Systems, Inc. offers several methods to store, audit and manage your keys and assets. Our personalized cabinets are used to secure a variety of sensitive items however keys still remain our customer’s main focus for asset retention. The two most widely utilized methods for storing keys are through direct entrapment and/or Tamper-Proof Key Rings®.



The concept of direct entrapment refers to our ability to retain a sensitive key within one of your cores, housed in our SAM™ cabinets. Each key position within the SAM™ is fitted with one of your own facility cores to match the key you wish to trap. Cam lock, mortise and mogul keys are all eligible for direct entrapment. This method is recommended in order to achieve the highest form of key security possible. Concealing your key within one of your cylinders, rather than on a key ring, defeats several potential threats.

  • Keeping your sensitive keys within a locked core is an additional and final layer of protection against theft from unauthorized users
  • The keyway and cut of the key remain hidden from potential duplication when the key is not in use
  • Eliminate the necessity of physical audits
To achieve direct entrapment, your interchangeable cores may be installed within our position housings. This allows for a custom placement of locks and convenient rekeying, should the need arise. Interchangeable core housing options are available for Small Format, Large Format, and Mogul style keyways. interchangeable-core.jpg

Our key rings give greater flexibility for use of the SAM™ allowing multiple keys to be secured using a single key position. Our key rings are serialized and made from durable stainless steel. For the application of large key rings the spacing of key positions within the SAM™ may be altered to fit your needs.

Tamper-Proof Key Rings® may also be used with our non-electronic products or on their own to organize key sets. They may also be used in conjunction with direct entrapment to attach assets to your sensitive keys trapped in each core.


Expansion Cabinets & Lockers

Increase the capacity of a single controller with add-on cabinets and lockers. These additional units are monitored by the control unit and grant authorization from a single point of entry.





• 16-gauge powder coated metal 
• Weather Resistant 
• Custom colors available

Manual Override

Door and Key Panel keys provide manual override for emergency situations.

Fail Secure Latch

The door latch remains locked in the event of a total power failure.

Total Asset Security and Control


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