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mds-banner-1140.jpgApartments. Condos. Townhouses. Duplexes. Gated communities. Whichever way you look at it, the growth and appeal of multifamily dwellings is exploding as baby boomers and empty nesters downsize, and millennials follow their dreams and move to the city.

As demand for multifamily living grows, so do the demands on property owners and developers to deliver the highest levels of technology, ease of use, and the wow factor – especially when it comes to building security. Tech-savvy tenants demand a solution that comprises the latest technologies, is intuitive yet comprehensive, and provides 24/7 peace of mind. Building owners and managers require a cost-effective solution that delivers efficiency, reduces liability, and boosts service levels. Everyone wants to improve safety and security without impacting convenience.


A single unified solution.

From the perimeter to the penthouse and everywhere in between, an ICT solution provides security, video surveillance, access control, elevator control, wireless locking, building automation, and 24/7 alarm monitoring - all from a single platform.

Having one unified system to manage the entire complex – as well as individual residences – enables you to control the entire site from one piece of software, greatly enhancing operational efficiency while offering residents an intelligent, state-of-the-art, smart living experience.

Intuitive and easy to use

Designed with the end user in mind, ProtegeGX offers an intuitive and user friendly interface that is loaded with features including graphical floor plans and highly customizable status pages for controlling and monitoring the system from one unified platform.

The instinctive, easy-to-use interface makes learning a breeze, reduces training costs, and ensures personnel are quickly up to speed.

Once the system has been configured, front desk staff simply enter new tenant details to autmatically grant the relevant access to the building, parking area, elevators, common amenities, and so on.

Anywhere access

The optional web based client offers the ultimate flexibility - with no software to deploy to end user workstations, it works on any device with a modern web browser, enabling users to access the system from anywhere with an internet connection.

The web client can also be used to expose an interface to the building system to third parties via the internet. This is an ideal solution for where a corporate leasing agent is sub-leasing multiple floors and requires the ability to access the software externally to manage and report on their own portion of the system.


First impressions count

First impressions are everything. The modern multifamily dwelling faces many challenges and competition in this market is tough. Making a good first impression is important, but it is also about striking a balance between user convenience, security, and cost.

ICT's intercom range offers an open standard, non-proprietary solution that can operate as standalone point-to-point intercom systems, or integrate with your ProtegeGX system to unlock a wider feature set for added capability and efficiency. The ProtegeGX interface even includes a VoIP client to allow the operator to receive incoming calls directly from the software.


Protege Touchscreen Entry Station


Located at the main entrance, the 17” touchscreen entry station is likely to be the first thing people notice as they approach the building. Designed to operate as a standalone unit, or as part of a complete integrated Protege solution, the entry station provides an intuitive interface for visitors to communicate with tenants, building management, a concierge, or even to off-site locations, such as directly linking guests with corporate housing owners.

When integrated with a Protege GX or Protege WX controller, you can program functions that enable you to use the entry station to unlock the doors leading to your apartment, trigger lighting along the way, and even summon the appropriate elevator.

With full VoIP capability, the entry station offers seamless communication between the front door and the tenants listed in the directory, and the built-in HD wide-angle camera provides tenants with a simple way to visually identify visitors.

The large 17” full-color screen provides convenient advertising real estate when not in use and can be used to display revolving adverts, including property for sale, leasing opportunities, add-on services, or community messages.

Whether entry is granted by a tenant, offsite property manager, or onsite staff, every event is logged to provide a complete audit trail.


Protege Vandal Resistant VoIP Intercom


Tough, durable, and extremely robust, the Protege Vandal Resistant VoIP Intercom is designed to meet the harshest of environments, making it ideal for carparks and secondary entrances such as those used by service and delivery personnel.

Key Features:

  • Vandal resistant construction to protect against malicious damage
  • VoIP capability allows the intercom to communicate with any VoIP enabled device, including smartphones, providing the ability to grant entry from virtually any location
  • Call button can be programmed to dial a designated phone number or call another VoIP device
  • Onboard output can be used for directly controlling a gate or door lock
  • Optional camera model with wide viewing angle
  • Programmable auto-answer
  • Optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) to simplify installation and reduce costs

The Freedom of Choice


ICT doesn’t lock you into using proprietary components. Wherever we can, we use open protocols and open standards, giving you the flexibility to choose what works for you. We’d rather win on our own merits than force a customer to use something they are not completely satisfied with.

Our intercom systems use open VoIP protocols, which allow them to communicate with many PBX phone solutions. Phone systems from any SIP compliant provider including Cisco, Avaya and Grandstream can be used to connect visitors to hosts.


Peace of mind wherever you are


With ICT’s Protege Mobile App, you can still have that same peace of mind that you have at home, while you are away. Did I arm the alarm? Did the kids get home from school? And (if you’ve chosen a fully integrated home) did I close the garage door?

With the swipe of a finger you can use your smartphone to check the status, arm or disarm, control lights, locks, heating – even cameras – from anywhere, at any time. No more second-guessing whether you set the alarm before you left this morning – the app provides instant awareness of system status, and enables you to arm or disarm with a simple tap. Fumbling for your keys or garage remote becomes a thing of the past as you use your phone to lock and unlock the door. Instead of rushing home to let the babysitter or plumber in, use the app to unlock the door remotely and disarm the alarm, then relock and rearm as they leave. And forget about coming home to a cold, dark, unwelcoming apartment. A couple more taps and you have the heating and lights turned on, all from the comfort of your car.

Link to cameras to view live video footage and see who rang the doorbell, to keep an eye on the pets, or to check if an important parcel has arrived. Subscribe to push notifications to receive alerts of system or sensor activity. As a parent, you get peace of mind to see the system disarmed when the kids return home from school. And of course, you’re alerted instantly to any alarms.



Smart, stylish access control


Sleek and stylish, and with a range of optional features, the tSec series has a solution for everyone. Available in three sizes, and with multiple card capabilities, an optional keypad, and in a choice of black or white, you can select the model to fit your needs and your decor.

Choose intelligent RS-485 connection for fast, flexible, secure communication, or opt for Wiegand for compatibility with most standard access control systems. RS-485 provides the added benefits of being easier and more cost-effective to wire and deploy, and allows for direct integration with Protege systems enabling you to make changes on the fly once readers are installed. RS-485 also allows for longer cable runs and offers a simpler firmware update process.

Built-in clone detection (when using ICT Secured MIFARE) prevents access when a copied credential is presented, with a further option to modify the card so it can no longer be read.

In todays connected world most people carry their smart phone with them at all times. The latest of the tSec range features Bluetooth and NFC technology providing support for most modern iPhone and Android phones, and enabling residents to use their mobile phone as an access credential for maximum convenience.


Vision or reality?


The term ‘smart home’ has been around for some time and has been used to describe everything from lighting and AV control systems through to consumer electronics that connect to the internet to automatically order more mayonnaise when you run out.

The reality however is often a bunch of gadgets on the wall that don’t work well together, and an end user who reverts to using the light switch to turn on the lights and walking to the store to get more mayonnaise when the bottle is empty. Multiple disparate systems not only lack continuity, they are both inefficient and uneconomical.

At ICT, we play to our strengths. We know what we’re good at and we recognize that sometimes it’s better to partner with an expert than to reinvent the wheel and attempt to be everything to everyone. A key aspect of the ICT philosophy is the ability to integrate with other systems, allowing you to leverage IT and infrastructure investments already made, and to provide a single unified and comprehensive solution.

ProtegeGX integrates with many home automation and control systems, including Savant and Crestron, to provide a simple, single-point solution that balances energy efficiency with the needs of your organization. Having a single unified system to manage the entire complex, including the lobby, parking facilities and common amenities, as well as individual home residences, is not only an additional selling point, it also optimizes convenience and energy efficiency. An access control system holds a wealth of data about a building and the occupants – who is onsite, where they are, and even where they’re likely to be going. Knowing when an area is occupied and how many people are in a room, allows for tight integration with air conditioning, lighting and other building systems. Extend efficiency by using this data to make further intelligent decisions around how the building is run.

  • Intelligent lighting that turns on as soon as an apartment is disarmed, when motion is detected, or that adjusts levels automatically based on the current ambient light.
  • Temperature sensors that adjust a thermostat based on your presence in the home and deliver heating or cooling as needed.
  • Ambient light sensors that automatically adjust electronic blinds.
  • Programmable functions that automatically turn off non-essential appliances, such as your coffee machine, when the alarm is set, and on again when the alarm is deactivated.
  • Schedules can manage energy by controlling such things as towel rails so they are only on when they need to be, and hot water is turned off when residents are away for an extended period.

Intrusion detection and perimeter security


Intrusion detection is something that is often left as an afterthought. ProtegeGX has built-in intrusion detection functionality, allowing intelligent detection based on access control awareness. All of ICT's Protege platforms include intrusion detection and access control out of the box. Not only is this a more cost-effective option than two disparate systems from an installation point of view, but integrating the two can actually result in a system that is simpler to use.

Features such as stay arming mode provide flexibility by allowing the perimeter of the building to be armed, while the occupants are safe and free to move around inside. This mode is perfect for when you have large pets, or children who arrive home before you do. Integration with wireless sensors and detection devices, such as those offered by Inovonics, enables you to easily and cost-effectively, expand intrusion detection into parking lots, underground structures, and other areas that may be difficult to wire.

With IP monitoring built in to our control panels, offsite monitoring doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and provides added peace of mind by ensuring security personnel are alerted when an alarm is activated so that a response can be initiated, security guards dispatched, or emergency services summoned.


Video Surveillance


Preventing the bad guys from getting in is always a good idea, but if something does go wrong, it’s good to have electronic eyes to provide situational awareness. Seamless integration with a variety of CCTV systems enables you to control cameras, and view live and historical video footage from a single easy to use interface.

A CCTV system on its own records footage. But when all you know about an incident is that it occurred within a certain timeframe, you’re left searching frame by frame to retrieve the details you’re interested in, which is both time consuming and inefficient. Access control systems on the other hand, know all about events – including the exact time an incident occurred. Integration pulls the two systems together to give you the bigger picture, allowing you to easily narrow down the footage you need, as it is linked directly to the event.

video-surveillance-350.png parking-solutions-350.png


Parking Solutions


Whether you use the long range Bluetooth capability of ICT’s tSec range, an ICT 433Mhz wireless remote, or take advantage of the open Wiegand interface to integrate any number of long range reader solutions such as Tagmaster, Transcore or Nedap, we have a solution to allow residents to enter their secure parking facility without leaving the vehicle.

For high end developments, combine CCTV integration and License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology with ProtegeGX credential types to detect authorized vehicles and automatically open doors, gates, and barrier arms for added convenience without compromising security.

ProtegeGX has a range of built-in features that are tailored to parking solutions, including Area Counting to prevent too many cars entering a carpark, and Loiter Areas to ensure people don't linger in a transit area. This is a common requirement when users must transit a public parking area to reach their designated parking space.


Elevator Systems


Integrating access control with an elevator system not only increases building security, it provides added convenience and improves the flow of people.

With a tightly integrated solution, the elevator car can be called and the relevant floor selected automatically as a tenant presents their card at a door approaching the lobby, or when a visitor is granted access via the entry station.


Community amenities


Community spirit is one of the features that attracts people to the multifamily residential situation. Most developments now offer communal amenities such as club rooms, gyms and swimming pools, but securing these facilities can be challenging and expensive. Being able to control access to these facilities from one central system has many advantages, and enables management to provide access to members on a subscription basis or for tenants to reserve facilities for a defined period.

If an incident occurs in a common area, you can easily check the event log to see which residents entered the area, allowing you to pinpoint who was responsible so you can take the appropriate action.


Offline wireless locks, online wired features


Hardwired access control is often too expensive to roll out to e very door. ProtegeGX integrates with a number of wireless and offline systems for a more cost-effective solution to provide secure, keyless access.

The wire free environment means there is no need to hard wire the building, allowing you to keep your original doors and locks in place, making installation quick, simple, and cost-effective. The ability to use your existing credentials means you also avoid any expensive migration costs. What’s more, with the vast range of products available, virtually any kind of door can now be equipped with wireless locks, including narrow profile, aluminium, and glass doors.

Offline systems utilize data-on-card technology to allow standalone offline locks to read, receive and write information via smart cards. Data is captured from cards at online hot spots located at strategic points around the building and the hot spot uploads and downloads userrelated information, including updates to a ‘blacklist’. These changes are written to the card and quickly spread through the system as the card is presented at each offline lock and the information stored on the lock is updated.

Wireless locks use radio frequency technology and Ethernet to communicate with the Protege system and provide real-time information that is then used to permit, control or deny access. With all doors linked online, authorization is updated in real time, providing a high level of control.


Building management


Access control systems hold a wealth of data about a building and the occupants – who is onsite, where they are, and even where they are likely to be going. Knowing when an area is occupied and how many people are in a room, allows for tight integration with building management systems.

Protege integrates with many Building Management Systems (BMS) to control large HVAC, lighting, energy, fire and elevator solutions. Integrating the two systems provides an immediate return on investment by greatly reducing energy consumption and operating costs, as well as providing control from one centrally managed system.


Apartment control


Being able to provide a low-cost intruder detection solution is a must, especially for ground-floor units which have a higher risk of attracting a break-in. Not only is this a problem for the tenant, but it also allows access to the rest of the building. This is one reason that many apartment complexes are now providing intruder detection to the lower levels as standard.

The apartment control feature within ProtegeGX allows all this to be managed from the same single user interface.

A keypad and up to four sensors are installed in each apartment and wired to the nearest controller. This behaves just like an isolated intruder alarm system, but can be centrally managed and monitored by the concierge, and management staff. Owners can change their own PINs, but management are able to reset users if a property becomes vacant. The system can even be pre-wired during the intial fitout for a very low cost, then keypads and sensors connected as owners take possession.

IP monitoring is also built in, allowing residents to have their system monitored off-site.




Alarm monitoring


Offsite monitoring provides added peace of mind by ensuring security personnel are alerted when an alarm is activated so that a response can be initiated, security guards dispatched, or emergency services summoned.

The Protege system is connected to a central monitoring station via a traditional analog phone line, a cellular network, a radio network (GPRS/GSM), or - as is becoming increasingly more common - an IP path, which is then used to send signals from the alarm control panel to the monitoring station. The operators can see the type of alarm coming through and take appropriate action.

  • If a protected door or window is forced open, a message is sent to the monitoring station, alerting them to a possible break-in
  • Smoke detectors and heat sensors are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week, even if the alarm is disarmed and residents are at home, to ensure early detection of a potential fire
  • Protege systems can also be equipped with duress codes, enabling you to send silent panic alarms or medical alerts to the monitoring station.
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